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Digital is the right way.

Social Media made a take over in the universe of communications in which we develop our Businesses. Digital is no longer an exception but the rule in this hyper connected World we live in. Multitasking used to be an extraordinary ability, now it’s just a commodity that an organization must have.

Social media dominates interactions; it is the new language organizations need to conquer. MORDACAI gives companies tools, means and knowledge to master this new virtual way of communication.

We tell your story in the best way,

to the hole wide world.

In MORDACAI we know how to tell your story in order to capture your targets attention and make your consumers be your Messengers. Consumers are the vehicles to say what you want to say.


Your message has no boundaries,

your message is limitless.


Engagement. Companies need to be part of the conversation. If they get involved with the environment they will be able to change the game. They have to engage in conversation with their target. MORDACAI helps organizations to position their communication strategy in the social media world and master the language of consumption.


Fall in Love. MORDACAI takes the message of your company and make’s it reach the desire target in an efficient way. We make people fall in love with your message, but most of all, we make people fall in love with your company and carry your message everywhere they go.


Organic Web Design. In MORDACAI we have an APP for your company. We develop a digital platform especially for your organizations in order to take your message precisely where it needs to go. Our 360º communicational strategy will handle all of your needs.

Communicational Strategy. We create a unique communicational strategy for each social media device your company needs to take advantage of. We give advice and assessment on every particular App or software your organization needs to master. We identify your audience: we speak directly to them.


Web Design. MORDACAI handles content and esthetics, we tell your story in the most visually apealling way. An accurate design and Precision in the words chosen to narrate your tale is key in the development of the digital identity of your company. Consumers are in the spotlight, it’s key to treat them with extreme attention. They are the center of the message; they carry it along with them.


24 SEVEN 365. MORDACAI is focused in creating viral content for our companies. The audience never rests. We are always online looking after your ideas.


MORDACAI: Make Things Happen.

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